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Do you want you product images to tell the story for you?




You don't want people to just see your product, you want people to understand your product, I help you do that.




Oh hello! You look friendly


I'm JP

Let's start off with a fun fact about me, at the age of 14 I taught myself how to do a back flip when a girl broke up with me. That's how I tend to deal with upset and despair, I go and learn a new skill. 


I find myself to be obsessed with a number of things, with film most definitely being at the top of that list. Analyzing light, setting up the shot, being organized and efficient, but most importantly, saying something with an image. These are a few of the aspect I love most about photography.


Design is what I'm most obsessed with, I find photography to even be a form of design. Design to me is more of a process over just making things look good. I believe everything must stem from good design, if something doesn't work well, it's the designers fault, not the users.

In my photography and design business I constantly strive to deliver more than asked for. I want my clients to walk away getting what they envisioned, while also making sure I deliver on time. I strive to create a remarkable customer experience because I know that business is really about relationships, and that’s what I value most about doing business. The money I make is just an added bonus.


I’m originally from Colorado Springs, but went to college at Colorado State University in Fort Collins before moving out here to Phoenix AZ. I fell in love with Phoenix and plan to help it grow and prosper by any means necessary. I’m also very involved in #yesphx, the entrepreneurial community. 


Some of my other passions include: Entrepreneurship, accelerated learning, accuracy sports, biohacking, reading, country swing dancing, and technology. 


My favorite coffee shop in Phoenix, and potentially the world, is Lux Central. This is where you’ll most likely find me editing photos or busting out design projects until late into the night. Lux is unlike anything else I’ve seen, and I seem to keep meeting the most interesting people there.


I'm excited to meet or reconnect and collaborate with you! 

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