Our first meeting after contracts have been sign is to sit down and really go over your business but most importantly, who your customers are and what kinds of images they will resonate with. This phase helps me to formulate my idea better and allows me to add subtle details others might miss or ignore that will be put in place to significantly resonate with your target customer. 

In this phase we will go over or construct:

• Customer Personas

• Dive deep into the goals of the campaign

•Start formulating a few ideas that will be hammered out in the CONSTRUCT Phase. 


Now it's time to flush out the idea. Here is where I take what we have roughly formulated in the understand phase and construct it into a strong and study concept. I workout all the details and then we set a meeting to go over them and make any quick changes before we continue on to the DO Phase.


Finally it's time to make some wizardry happen. I take the plan and execute on the idea. I set the lighting, position the camera, and take the photos. Once the photos have been taken I import them onto an external hard drive and edit them with style. I do two revision of edits, similar to writing a paper, before moving onto the FEEDBACK Phase.


Before I show you the photos I collect 5-10 people who fit into the persona we identified in the understand phase and ask them for their thoughts and feelings on the photos.

After receiving their feedback I make an necessary adjustments to the photos. If editing needs to be done, I make changes there, however if nothing is resonating then I will set up a reshoot per you permission after the PLATE phase.


At last it's time for you to see the final product. I call this phase the PLATE phase because creative work is often like a Michelin Star Chef's cooking. They will pour their soul into creating a great dish for you to enjoy, however sometimes when the meal gets eaten, it's not the eaters taste. The meal is still good, just not to that person, maybe it had pepper and that person despises pepper. I always remind clients to keep this in mind when they didn't enjoy the meal (my work) and that major revision will need to be negotiated. However, if there were issues during the FEEDBACK phase, we will go over those and come up with the best course of action.  

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